31 Unnecessary Purchases You are Wasting Your Money On

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Although you may be thinking that you are living pretty frugally, I bet there are still things you are wasting your money on. Maybe you quit an expensive habit like smoking or stopping by Starbucks every morning for a coffee or latte, you quit making extra runs to the grocery store during the week, or maybe you have learned to budget your money. I want you all to know that you are off to a great start and I am very proud of you! However, I bet all of you are still buying unnecessary things when there are different, more reliable resources you could be using. I have come up of a list of 31 Unnecessary Purchases that I no longer waste my money on and I’m going to share it with all of you, so you can really pinch your pennies and save!

31 Unnecessary Purchases You are Wasting Your Money On

  1. Bottled Water- Tap is reusable and cheaper.
  2. Bank Fees- Find a bank that does what you need for free.
  3. Books- They have e-readers now which take up less space.
  4. The Lottery/Scratch-Offs- You might as well as throw your money out the window as you drive in your car, same concept.
  5. Wasted Food- Buy only what you know you will use up or eat.
  6. Credit Reports- You can get a free credit report from Credit Karma and I would highly recommend it.
  7. Pedigree Pets- Rescuing or adopting is a lot cheaper. Most times they will already have their first round of shots or be neutered/spayed already.
  8. Credit Card Interest- Pay off your cards each month to avoid interest.
  9. Airport Purchases- Everything is marked up in an airport!
  10. Extended Warranties- Most times you can skip these and never have issues with whatever the warranty is for!
  11. Brand Name Products- Off brand is the exact same thing for cheaper, why pay for a name?
  12. Cable/TV You Don’t Watch- Why have 1,000 channels if you aren’t going to watch all of them?
  13. In-app Purchases- Most times you are buying stuff in these games you can’t use in real life…Why people?!
  14. Foolish Couponing- Don’t buy something just because you have a coupon for that item!
  15. Full Price Clothing- Wait for it to go on sale!
  16. Newspapers- You can get most of these online these days, plus word of mouth travels pretty quickly.
  17. Caffeine/Extra Coffee Purchases- Bring your own beverages or find another healthier alternative
  18. Women’s Razors- Most women use men’s all the time! They last longer and give better results.
  19. Debt Advice- You can do this yourself for free!
  20. Pre-sliced/diced Food- You will pay more for these items, buy the stuff you have to dice up yourself.
  21. Weight Loss/Gym Membership- You can go outside when the weather is nice and exercise. You can also run or walk to get exercise.
  22. Paper products: Paper towels and Paper Plates- Unless you are having a big shindig, don’t use this stuff. You have reusable towels and plates for a reason!
  23. Plastic/Styrofoam Products- Again why even bother having nice, reusable dishes then?
  24. Plastic Silverware- See numbers 22 and 23.
  25. Expensive Cleaners- You can make your own for cheaper.
  26. Gas Station Snacks, even just “now and then”- You can find these snacks cheaper everywhere else
  27. Services That You Can DIY or are free (repairs, maintenance, debt consolidation, etc.)- This one is self explanatory.
  28. Solely Using Credit/Debit Cards- Cash is better in the long run. Once you run out, your are out and won’t accumulate debt.
  29. Unnecessary Laundry Products- You can make your own for cheaper.
  30. Energy Drinks- These drinks are unhealthy, find another alternative that will give you an energy boost when you need one.
  31. Drain cleaning products- Baking Soda and Vinegar works just fine and they are cheaper.

I hope you looked at this list and realized “oh gosh, she’s right!” and adjusted your spending habits, so that you don’t waste anymore money on the above items. If you are paying for a service that you can DIY, cancel it. If you are still paying for cable, get rid of it or find a better alternative (we now use Playstation Vue and Roku for our television). Quit using plastic, Styrofoam, or paper dishes. Stop wasting your money and save your money! You never know when the next rainy or snowy day is going to be. You also don’t know when that next emergency is going to arise. Save your money for more important things!

If you have anything to add to this list, please put it in the comments below and don’t forget share this with all your friends! Help them save money too!

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