4 Tricks to Reduce Your Grocery Budget

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When you have to budget your money, it becomes really obvious where your money is going. One of the common budget categories where most families spent most of their money in is groceries. Therefore, I am providing you with 4 tricks to reduce your grocery budget!

Trick #1: Meal Planning4 Tricks to Reduce Your Grocery Budget
Planning your meals for the week helps you make up your grocery list. That way when you do go shopping, you only shop for the items you need. You will also spend less time in the store. You will have to be able to recognize “wants” versus “needs” though. With practice it does become easier, I promise!

Trick #2: Shop off-brand
Shopping off-brand is a great way to save money at the grocery store. Off brand shopping is not as bad as everyone makes it seem, trust me. All I do is shop off brand now, unless I can get name brand at a better price. Yes, there are some items that do not taste good in the off-brand, but you should try it first. Comparing prices while you shop is going to be the biggest way you will save when shopping off brand. 95% of the time you get more product for a better price with off brand.

Trick #3 Shop during sales When you shop can be another great way to save money. Pay attention to the sales ads and shop when the sales are occurring. Go at your earliest convenience too, otherwise the store will be picked clean.

4 Tricks Reduce Grocery Budget

Trick #4 Use Rebates and Coupons
Rebates and coupons are your new best friends when it comes to grocery shopping and budgeting! Today, you don’t even have to clip coupons anymore. You can virtually clip on any of your devices. All you have to remember to do is present the coupon at the store. The apps I recommend are Ibotta, Flipp, Kroger app, and Meijer app (unfortunately, there is limited access to Meijers). I wrote a post about Ibotta which you can read here. Most coupons and rebates can be used in addition to any sales, meaning more cash in your pocket. Ka-ching! I won’t bore you guys with the details of each app, just download and check em out when you can!

Before implementing these habits, we would always go over budget almost every shopping trip. Now that we plan our meals, shop strictly off-brand, shop during

sales, and use rebates and coupons we rarely ever go over budget. We always get nervous when the cart starts getting too heavy to push, but usually end up sighing in relief once realize we were still under budget! That’s always a pleasant surprise. Sometimes we save that money for the next month, some times we go back and by whatever we skipped that we didn’t think we would have enough money for.

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