How to Tidy with the KonMarie Method

How to Tidy with the KonMarie Method

You are probably wondering what the heck is the KonMarie Method? Marie Kondo is a consultant in Tokyo who assists her clients in transforming their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity. Her method has become an international phenomenon. Her book … Read More

Declutter Fast: Toss These Right Now

Congratulations on making the decision to declutter your life! Now, you may be wondering where do I start, or perhaps, how should I start? Well I may have just the tool you need! I have a list of 60 things … Read More

Escape Clutter with the One Touch Rule

Escape Clutter: One Touch Rule I escape clutter by using the One Touch rule and it works. The idea of the rule is to put things away right away.The next time you walk in the door from running errands, hang up … Read More