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Confessions of an Online Shopaholic + Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership

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Going to a mall or a physical store to shop is becoming a thing of the past. More stores and malls are closing each day due to the influx of online shopping. Let’s face it, online shopping is pretty convenient. You can shop in your pajamas and not have to deal with traffic (people and vehicular) or even spend precious gas. You can usually find better deals online anyways, making the penny pinchers such as myself happy. I will admit I have become more of online shopper recently myself. I blame Amazon Prime for my sudden addiction.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a Amazon program that gives it’s members special benefits while using Amazon. These benefits include unlimited FREE two-day shipping on any purchases made through Amazon, access to watch thousands of movies and TV episodes, and access to borrow FREE Kindle books. A Free 30-day trial is available to try before purchasing the membership. The membership costs $99 per year.

Prime for Students

Students can receive Amazon Prime at a discounted price. Students pay $49 per year for the membership, that’s 50% off the regular membership price! All you need is an .edu email address. On top of the previously mentioned benefits, students also receive discounts and promotions exclusively for students. Try a FREE 30-day student membership before purchasing.

Prime for the Family

Rather than getting one membership and splitting it with the entire family, you can sign up for a family plan. Family plan members receive the regular Prime benefits plus discounts on households products like diaper subscriptions, receive coupons and deals from Amazon Family, and exclusive baby registry benefits. A FREE family trial membership is available to try before purchasing. The membership will cost $99 per year after the trial expires.

Gift of Amazon Prime

Know somebody who would like an Amazon Prime membership? You can make their day and make their wish come true! You can give the gift of Amazon Prime. Let them enjoy FREE two-day shipping, no minimum order size, and access to all the movies, TV shows, and music their heart desires.

Personal Review

Danny and I love our Amazon Prime Student membership. We abuse the crap out of the free two-day shipping. We have started ordering tons of things online since we can usually find the cheapest prices on Amazon. We haven’t really checked out much of the movies, TV shows, or music portions of it. However, I was excited to learn that I can watch Ravenswood on Amazon Prime. We could not find Ravenswood available anywhere, except on Amazon. The only issue we have is we don’t always have money on hand to spend, but that isn’t Amazon’s fault. We are just penny pinchers on a tight budget. I’m sure once more money is freed up, we will buy more things from Amazon using our membership.

Online shopping does have it’s pros and cons. Pros being convenience and better pricing at times. Cons being you can’t try clothing on before you buy, causing more returns being made. Your package could also get lost during shipping. I’m actually a little sad that malls and stores are closing up due to the amount of online shopping going on. Personally I like trying things on before I buy them. Things don’t always fit right when you are tall and plus size like myself. Unfortunately, those days are coming to an end it seems! I will definitely enjoy it while it lasts.

Do you have an Amazon Prime Membership? What are your thoughts and feelings about online shopping?

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