Declutter Fast: Toss These Right Now

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Congratulations on making the decision to declutter your life! Now, you may be wondering where do I start, or perhaps, how should I start? Well I may have just the tool you need! I have a list of 60 things to toss right now to help you declutter fast. Make your list handy and let’s get tossing!

60 Things to Toss Right Now

  1. Wrapping paper/construction paper scraps
  2. Christmas lights that don’t work
  3. Out of date magazines
  4. Old recipes you never use/make
  5. Worn out hair ties
  6. Unmatched earrings
  7. Worn out/single socks
  8. Old CDs
  9. Old DVDS
  10. Broken/unworn sunglasses
  11. Make up that you never wear
  12. Expired medications
  13. Hair products never used or don’t plan on using
  14. Skin products you never use(d)
  15. Expired coupons
  16. Unused nail polish
  17. Worn out bras
  18. Scarves you never use
  19. Ragged T-shirts
  20. Junk mail
  21. Unwanted/unused gifts
  22. Old electronics you don’t use anymore
  23. Tarnished jewelry
  24. Untouched make up bags
  25. Like-new purses/purses you won’t use again
  26. Untouched coin purses
  27. Old cell phones and their accessories
  28. Store rewards cards you rarely/never use
  29. Frayed/stained wash cloths
  30. Frayed/stained towels
  31. Shopping bags/plastic grocery bags
  32. Old backpacks
  33. Old school books
  34. Candles that have burned out
  35. Books you don’t enjoy
  36. Multiples of hair accessories
  37. Tattered make up brushes
  38. Gunked up make up sponges
  39. Promo T-shirts you never wear
  40. Jeans that don’t fit
  41. Belts you don’t wear
  42. Empty or almost empty containers
  43. Knickknacks that just take up space
  44. Old gift cards
  45. Product samples
  46. Old paperwork
  47. Delete and unsubscribe to store emails
  48. Delete junk email
  49. Clean out music you don’t listen to
  50. Eliminate bad photos/duplicates
  51. Get rid of apps you never use on you devices
  52. Remove old texts and contacts
  53. Cancel digital services you don’t use
  54. Cancel subscriptions you no longer enjoy
  55. Worn out sheets
  56. Old pillows
  57. Worn out/scuffed up shoes
  58. BoxesYard Sale
  59. Empty jars/storage containers
  60. Holiday decorations you never use

Now, let’s make a decision about what to do with this stuff. We need to find a new home for it. You can donate, sell, or trash it. The decision is yours, make it a good one. I hope this list helped you get rid of some of the clutter. Enjoy your newly less cluttered space!

What type of clutter did you have the most of?

How do you feel now?

Would you have done it sooner if you found the motivation?

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  • Awesome. Glad you found this post helpful!

  • JG

    Got here from your link on Quora, Love the list – bookmarked it. Will be using it starting in the AM. TY

  • Kristy


    I’m glad you are enjoying the content and my blog! I have noticed over time I have collected a lot of unused bags myself! I had a ton of plastic grocery bags from grocery shopping trips. I had two bags of plastic bags full, plus a fancy plastic bag holder full of them. I got tired of looking at the two plastic bags full of plastic bags and finally donated them to work. So now I’m down to my fancy plastic bag holder again.

  • Hey there, just found this blog and thought I’d leave a comment because I’m really enjoying the content!
    Regarding this post..would you believe if I told you taht from the list, the thing I had the most were lots of old backpacks? haha, well, at least I made some more room in my closet!
    Keep up the great work Kristy!