Escape Clutter with the One Touch Rule

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Escape Clutter: One Touch Rule

Escape ClutterI escape clutter by using the One Touch rule and it works. The idea of the rule is to put things away right away.The next time you walk in the door from running errands, hang up your coat in the closet (one touch). Think about how many touches it would take if you don’t hang up the coat in the closet. It could be two or more! Count how many times you touch an item that isn’t where it belongs the next time you find some thing misplaced.

What is great about this rule is it’s versatility. Its applicable to many areas of life. An example being mail sorting. Sort it in your hands. This will reduce your paper clutter. Put your clothes in the hamper or basket, don’t drop them on the floor. This will reduce the clutter on the floor. They say “old habits die hard”, but the more you practice, you will have more success turning a bad habit into a good habit. One other thing, make sure you have hampers, baskets, or trash cans where they are easily accessible. It won’t be necessary to go to another room if you have them strategically placed.



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