Escape Clutter with the One Touch Rule

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One Touch Rule

Escape ClutterThis is AWESOME and probably something you have never thought of before! The one touch rule comes from the idea that you should only have to touch something once. So when you walk in the door and take off your jacket, put it in the closet. This counts as one touch. If you drape your coat over a chair, it could get several touches since it would probably get moved from one spot to another. That’s silly right? There is no need for an object to collect several touches. This is a really great way to avoid clutter all over your house. You just have to consistently keep thinking about how many times you touch something or could touch something if you don’t take care of it right away.

With everything put away and utilizing only 1 touch, the clutter catching areas of your home don’t have a chance to collect the clutter!

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