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Do you have bills that you are always behind on? Are you constantly paying late fees for being behind on your payments? Bob fromĀ created a bill pay schedule that I have found really handy. Today, I am going to share Bob’s idea and how it helped me. It will not matter if you pay all your bills electronically or through snail mail, this schedule will help you!

4 Steps to Create a Bill Paying Schedule

1. List of All Your Bills

You can do this electronically or on scrap paper, whatever works best for you. Next to each bill, write or type the due date. If there isn’t a due date to leave it blank.

2. Decide on two days each month you will pay your bills

Using your pay days is probably the best option if you receive a bi-weekly check.

3. Organize your bills by due date

The bills due the 22nd through the 6th you will pay with check #2. The bills due from the 7th through the 21st you will pay with check #1. This ensures that each bill has a week to get through the mail or email.

4. Figure out how much money you spend monthly on your bills

Add up all your monthly payments for your bills. Take the total and divide it by 2. The number you see is the amount of money you need to pay with each check you receive. Say your monthly bills total $2,000. You want to pay as close to $1,000 worth of bills on the 15th and on the 1st (when you get paid).

Congratulations you now have a bill paying schedule that will keep you on time! Organizing my bills this way has made a big difference. I don’t worry about due dates, I’m never late, and I only have to worry about the funds being available. It literally takes me 2-10 minutes at the most to pay my bills. This will change your life when it comes to paying bills.

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